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The Space Cowboys are a San Francisco based collective that began its exploration of the cosmos over a decade ago, as a diverse group of talented individuals who came together in the pursuit of the creation of unique entertainment events, mechanical contraptions, and unique art projects. The group consists of members from all walks of life and vocations – engineers, event planners, designers, programmers, musicians, environmentalists, therapists, architects, nurses, video editors, producers, corporate executives, animators, and financial advisers.

The Space Cowboy family reaches outside of San Francisco to NYC, LA, Canada, and London.   The collective serves as an outlet for the members and their friends and family to creatively and socially express themselves beyond their day jobs.

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HUSHconcerts creates unique experiences for live entertainment aficionados and provides top-notch production and promotion services for artists, producers, promoters, managers, agents, and brands. Founded in San Francisco in 1998 as Sunset Promotions/SunsetSF, this independent, boutique, entertainment think tank launched the nation’s leading silent disco production brand called ‘Silent Frisco’ in 2007. In 2015, SunsetSF and Silent Frisco merged and re-launched as HUSHconcerts to better serve its growing national client base. Among the properties managed by HUSHconcerts are some of the nation’s most innovative experiential events such as Sea of Dreams NYE(, Ghost Ship Halloween (, HUSHfest, and the SF Funk Festival. In addition to full-service concert promotion, HUSHconcerts provides concert and festival production, talent buying, marketing, and a variety of silent disco services. to its growing client base. HUSHconcerts is a thought-leader in the global conversation about how to preserve sustainable entertainment and culture in urban settings. With over 100,000 dedicated and responsive followers, and fans, HUSHconcerts has created a boutique community of educated entertainment connoisseurs who have come to expect excellence and creativity. For more information,

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Ghost Ship Halloween is held at:

Pier 70 Ghost Ship Halloween

Dating back to the turn of the 19th century, the structures that remain at Pier 70 are rooted deep in San Francisco’s ship building history. These buildings are now being re-purposed for unique, one-of-a-kind events. With capacities from 30 to over 13,000 people, these giant, cavernous, corrugated metal hulks boast beautiful bay views and are ready to host parties, galas, expositions, and community events.

Ghost Ship Halloween made Pier 70 its new home in 2013.

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