On-Sale July 29 @ 11am – Ghost Ship 2016: ATLANTIS

Announcing! Ghost Ship 2016: Atlantis FRIDAY, JULY 29, 11AM •  2-day & VIP On-Sale • • 2-DAY VIP & GA Tickets • • • • Friday VIP Tickets • • • • Saturday VIP Tickets • • BEHOLD ATLANTIS! Strap on the scuba gear, rev up the time machine and take the plunge into the subterranean city of Atlantis. Ghost Ship, the Bay Area’s […]


Want to build art, work at the show, or enjoy the show and help us clean up after? The Ghostship Halloween 2016 volunteer program is gearing up and we will have an all hands on deck meet up on OCTOBER 8th. If you are interested in building art before the event, working during the event, […]

Watch the Video from 2014

Watch the video from Ghost Ship 2013

Ghost Ship is creeping around the corner… Video courtesy of Jason Mongue