FAQ  (ticketing questions are below)

Q: Is Ghost Ship a RAIN or SHINE event?

A: YES – We also have a coat check. Please get to Ghost Ship early to avoid traffic delays.

Q: How much of Ghost Ship is indoors? Will it be cold?

A: 75% of Ghost Ship is indoors. We also have a lot of outdoor activites and content. That said, it may be cold tonight and the building is made of steel. Please dress warmly. We do have a coat check.

Q: How do I stay informed about updates and changes to the lineup, show etc?

A: Keep up with us on our social pages ↓

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Q: I want to volunteer. How do I get involved?


Q: Is Ghost Ship Halloween actually ON a ship? Is Ghost Ship Halloween at Pier 70?
A: No. Ghost Ship Halloween is not on a ship. Ghost Ship Halloween is no longer on Treasure Island.  It is a gigantic Halloween art festival where an army of skilled artisans and volunteers build a Ghost Ship every year. We also build many other fantastic things. Please visit the links to our MUSIC LINEUP, ART etc for more information about our entertainment. If you purchased a ticket for an event ON A SHIP, or AT TREASURE ISLAND, YOU DID NOT PURCHASE A TICKET FOR GHOST SHIP HALLOWEEN 2014 at PIER 70 SAN FRANCISCO.

Q: How should I get there?
A: Click this link for info.

Q: When should I get there? (DOORS OPEN at 9PM)
A: The sooner you get there, the more relaxed you will feel instead of the stress of standing in line.

Q: Is there parking?
A: There is NO PARKING AT GHOST SHIP. We do not have a parking lot. We recommend other modes of transit (such as Muni, taxis or bicycle) listed HERE. If you MUST drive, please be courteous and respectful to our neighbors.  

Q: What do I need to have with me to enter?
A: 1: Your 21+ picture ID (anything that works at the airport will work for us)
A: Your ticket.

Q: Are there INS & OUTS?
A: Nope

Q. Can a 18 year old attend if accompanied by their parent(s)?
 No. Sorry, the event is 21 + only.

Q: What CAN’T I bring inside
All bags/backpacks will be thoroughly checked. The following items are prohibited:

  • Pets
  • Glass
  • Weapons
  • Contraband
  • Babes in arms
  • Skateboards, Rollerblades or Bikes
  • Outside beverages of any kind. (you may bring empty clear plastic water bottles and empty camelbaks for use at our filling stations)
  • Professional Recording Devices – Cell phones are OK but can’t be used for audio recoding. Short Vines and Youtubes are fine
  • Anything WE decide could be dangerous, harmful, disruptive or disrespectful to others.

Q: Bars & Food
 This is an 21+ event, so YES! there will be numerous bars throughout the venue, serving the full range of beverages until 2am, and non‐alcoholic drinks until curfew. There will be several excellent food vendors who will be serving hot food during the evening. You may also bring your own snacks (no coolers), medications, and empty, clear plastic water bottles for our filling stations

Q: Free Water?
A: Yes, but no cups. Refill stations only. Please bring an empty container to fill up.

Q: Coat Check?
A: Yes!

A: Yes.

Q: Do I HAVE to wear a costume?
A: No, but you’re going to WANT to be costumed. In past years, as many as 95% of Ghostship Halloween attendees have come in costumes, often displaying original works they have designed themselves. It’s part of the creativity and fun that makes this event so unique. Like Burning Man and many other Bay‐Area events, only HALF the entertainment happens on stage. Do your worst!

Q: Can I smoke?
A: Only outside. A lot of the event is outside.

Q: How can I sponsor the Bay Area’s most spectacular Halloween event?
 Contact info@hushconcerts.com

Q: Will this be a GREEN EVENT?
 We try like hell! We spent top dollar to bring in the city’s top waste management vendors to manage this.


Q: Can I exchange my Saturday Ticket for a Friday Ticket (or Friday for Saturday)?
A: Unfortunately, no. There are no refunds or exchanges.

Q: Can I upgrade from a 1-day ticket to a 2-day?
Yes, please contact customerservice@ticketfly.com

Q: Can I upgrade from a GA to VIP ticket?
Yes, please contact customerservice@ticketfly.com or do so at our on-site box offices at the GA entrance (22nd st) and inside the venue near the front door ATMs.

Q: Do I need to hold on to my 2-Night pass after Friday
 Yes! We will not be wristbanding GA’s so you will need to be re-scanned on Saturday

Q: Will this show sell out?
 Every year we get this question and every year we say yes. And every year we sell out of advance tickets WELL in advance of the show. Sometimes we are allowed to release some tickets at the door, sometimes not. Don’t take the chance.

Q: Can I get TICKETS at the door?
A: MAYBE.  If we do NOT sell out in advance, we will still have some tickets available at the door but don’t count on it, especially if you are planning to come later. The Box Office will be open at the venue at 8PM for all those who did not buy pre-sale. Walkup ticket price will be a game time decision.

Q: I did not receive my order confirmation, I checked my spam folder and the money has been taken out of my bank account, what should I do?
 Contact our ticketing team at customerservice@ticketfly.com. They will resend you your confirmation email. You may have to provide them with an alternate email address.

Q: What if I lost my ticket?
A: You are responsible for your printed ticket. Do not lose it. We reserve the right to call “shenanigans” on any “dog ate my homework” story and will handle each case individually.  Please contact customersupport@ticketfly.com at least 48 hours before the event

Q: What if I lost my ticket within 48 hours of the event
A: We will have a HELP booth outside to handle hassles.  Again, we reserve the right to call “shenanigans”.

Q: I did not receive my order confirmation, I checked my spam folder and the money has been taken out of my bank account, what should I do?
 Contact our ticketing team at customerservice@ticketfly.com. They will resend you your confirmation email. You may have to provide them with an alternate email address.

Q: What’s up with ticket surcharges?
 Ticket surcharges pay for the people who provide the ticketing services and the credit card processing.  Credit card processing fees are added to ticket purchases in proportion to the price of the ticket. These go directly to credit card companies and are unavoidable. The TICKETING COMPANY then adds their own surcharge as well to pay the employees that service your orders. How MUCH they charge is the “secret sauce”. Ticketmaster is infamous for adding up to 25% in surcharges! For Ghostship, we are using SF‐based Ticketfly and box office service provider Metrowize. Ghostship, Ticketfly and Metrowize are fundamentally opposed to unnecessary surcharges. And thus we end up with a Halloween ticket with a surcharge in the 10% range (depending on how much your ticket cost). We have worked with them to cut costs however possible to make sure you were paying the minimum.