GhostShip Halloween is a 99% community built enterprise, comprised of the work of hundreds of volunteers and event professionals. For a decade, we have exemplified the best that the Bay Area has to offer in terms of community involvement, commitment to safety, and artistic creativity.

With yearly attendance of more than 10,000 people and a sparkling safety record, we have shown steadfast devotion to the highest standards of safety for our patrons, artists, and staff and will continue to do so in the future.


Please note that LoveBoat Halloween and Ghost Ship Halloween have no relation in any way to the tragic 2016 Oakland warehouse fire. All association between our 10-year old San Francisco event and the space sometimes referred to as “The Ghost Ship” are 100% coincidental. Regardless, our family joins with all communities in empathy and solidarity with those affected by this tragedy. Our commitment to patron safety and the employment of emerging artists is unsurpassed in the Bay Area and borne out by our flawless record. LoveBoat Halloween will honor the Oakland warehouse fire victims and families by doing what we have always done: building art and spreading love. Hopefully a little love will help.

Despite the fact that we are in no way associated with the warehouse in Oakland, the space sometimes referred to as “The Ghost Ship”, this tragedy has affected our community and a lot of people we care about so we would like to direct you to the following resources where you can make a difference in the bigger issues surrounding the tragedy. 

Here are some resources to find more information or get involved:

WABA – We the Artist of the Bay Area has collected many resources and has a page of vetted links for monetary donations for the victims and families.  

SPUR – Upcoming events to help educate and inform

Oakland Warehouse Coalition

DIY Safe Spaces

Grey Area for the Arts

Unity Council in Fruitvale

Vital Arts Oakland