Ghost Ship Halloween is known for their mega and maniacal artistic schemes, and this year will not disappoint. Ghost Ship will again feature original installations by the leaders of the Bay Area’s dynamic large-scale production art community.


Arborealis by Noam Turgeman
Arborealis: A space for people to co-create

Inspired by nature and infused with technology. Arborealis, an immersive magical forest , comes to life. Sit below a large canopy harmonizing as the forest responds to movement and reverberates with mystical melodies. And it’s illuminated with ethereal projections at night, and shelters visitors during the day. A respite, a place that invites you to make connections and play.




2015 Ghost Ship Halloween_210 sm

BopIt by PSI Makers

BOPIT is an interactive game based upon the toy of the same name.  Players work the controls (Bop, Pull, Twist, Spin, and Flick) according to what the machine asks them to do.  The game increasingly becomes more difficult and if a player manages to play long enough, a flame effect will poof when they work a particular control.




Enunciation by Taylor Harrison

Enunciation is a stainless steel structure made up of triangular boxes, and LED lights.




FireBall Shooting Gallery by Al Stahler

The Fireball Shooting Gallery has propane-fired tennis ball shooters in a Ghost Ship themed gallery with motorized targets. Your attention is awakened as you hear the loud call of the Fireball Shooting Gallery echo out across the festival. BOOM! BOOM! Before you even know it you are on a quest to find the source of this insane noise. The Fireball Shooting Gallery will give you the opportunity to personally load, charge, and fire one of 4 propane-fired tennis ball cannons at a custom-built range of moving and stationary targets. Expect fire! Expect mayhem! Expect to be scared at first, and then excited to try it again and again!


2015 Ghost Ship Halloween_196


AntiClockwise thumb
Watercolor Wall by Anticlockwise

A collaborative digital canvas overflowing with watercolor–style paintings that you create with your silhouette. Every participant is given a unique color, changed by reaching up to touch the palette across the top. Dance to bring life to the backdrop. Cross paths with your friends to exchange & merge colors.




Mechateuthis by Barry Crawford

Mechateuthis is a kinetic sculpture of a mechanical giant squid. It’s 8 digitally controlled motors power the movements of the arms, beak, eyes, tentacles, and mantle fins. Watch Mechateuthis move on it’s own or turn a crank to control a movement. is an absolutely magnificent hand crafted giant steel squid whose fully articulating tentacles flex when any or all of its eight hand cranks are turned. Taking its name from the pre-historic Megateuthis gigantea, the mechanical cephalopod.




Thunderdome by Deathguild

Death Guild is bringing the THUNDERDOME! Famous for years on the Burning Man playa, a faithful recreation of the battle dome from Mad Max and a legendary symbol of post-apocalyptic badassery is now coming to Ghost Ship Halloween. Performances & Participation nightly!

Thunderdome Ghost_Ship_Halloween_017_MishaKutuzov


Le AttrataLe Attrata by Therm

Le Attrata is a 26 foot, wood, mild and stainless steel sculpture, with light and smoke effects.This turbine engine powered sculpture brings intense performance to stainless steel moths atop a seating area of low leveling lighting. Le Attrata is a showpiece of metal set in a story. The Fuocco Falene, the fiery beasts of Le Attrata, have been created to consume that which they are attracted to; light and heat. 




Portal to Atlantis by Ryan Montgomery, Thomas Moore, Keith Peffer

Portal to Atlantis is composed of a circular wooden truss 22 feet in diameter with an 18-foot video screen in the center. The truss is a new construction based on a system designed for the 2016 stage for DUSTFISH. As the current lead designer for DUSTFISH (one of Burning Man’s longest running live performance camps), Ryan has engineered a unique system of wooden truss featuring intricate carving and a lightweight modular construction technique.  This truss will be converted into a massive chandelier with over 70 feet of arduino controlled LEDs. Above the truss will be a projector to illuminate the screen with custom 3-D motion graphics created by Thomas.

portal spec


FullSizeRender sm

Divinatrix by Orion Fredericks

Definition: having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity. Divinatrix is a stainless steel fire and water sculpture that uses forced air combustion to create huge amounts of radiant heat, multi colored flames and billowing steam. The fire element of this sculpture sits on top of the basin filled with water, six feet off the ground.




Echevaria by Orion Fredericks




SquaredMini_Image_1Squared (mini) by Charles Gadeken

SQUARED is a tall obelisks made out of square steel tubing, each holding cast polyurethane cubes with inset full-color LEDs. Sets of cubes are geometrically arranged in a fractal orientation, creating a canopy of light. 12-24 Individually addressable LEDs per cube allow precise and specific control of each 3D light pixel, allowing for complex color patterns within each tree.




Touffe_Image_1Touffe by Jason Predock

Touffe is a project integrating light based art and site specific placement. Its creative genius is that it can take on many forms, never appearing the same twice. It’s constructed from paper lanterns, each containing an individually controllable waterproof high output RGB LED pixel secured onto substructure. Directing the cluster is a computer based control system feeding programmed patterns into the piece with a sound reactive component for more immersive effects.



oid virusOID by Michael Christian

Oid coming from the mayhem and chaos of the brain of Michael Christian, who is a San Francisco Bay Area artists who builds large, interactive and playful sculptures. Some call Oid a sea creature, some call it a centipod – but he does know it’s inspired by the genius of nature. Climb upon this 21st tall welded steel structure and discover for yourself what it really is.



Dust City Diner by David Cole & Michael Brown

The Diner is a recreated magical 40s style experience, complete with a quilted stainless steel backsplash, red leather stools, chrome finishes, Andrews Sisters on the radio, billowed and bouffanted waitresses and of course — blue plate specials. Enjoy a bite to eat, cup of coffee – just like the diner down the street use to serve with a big helping of sassiness!















SeaCave by Josh Short

As yet to crash to earth UFO Sculpture with interactive sound effects.